Message From The Academic Administrator

Discipline is the stepping stone of success in life. Without discipline education becomes a farce. Congenial atmosphere for smooth and successful teaching is absolutely necessary. If the motto of our college is to build the nation through proper education, our first and for most duty is to try our level best to create a healthy environment in and around the college for sound and smooth teaching which owsmust to discipline. Teaching should be such as will help the students to realize the gravity of discipline at heart. Forceful discipline is of no use Discipline from within is effective. The college administration will be such as both the teachers and taught will be made to feel that Anand College of Education is a united family and none will dare to break the inseparable tie. The longevity of an institution depends much on strict but liberal and humane administration. If the learners feel that Anand College of Education has strict but liberal administration accompanied with proper adherence to NCTE norms syllabus, curriculum, rules and regulations, there will be no problem of running the college smoothly.