Message From The Secretary

“Education is the manifestation of the perfection already is man”. Anand College of Education is set up with the noble mission of fulfilling this great saying of Swami Vivekananda. The aim of education is to elicit all the latent aptitudes in man for his success in future life. Education is a man making process and the purpose of education is to make man a man. The motto of our college is to impart such education as to make the Learner a fully fledged man with human qualities and dedication for the service of humanity and the country. Strict and regular following up for the syllabus as per NCTE norms will be accompanied with such teaching as will foster the human qualities of love, compassion, sacrifice, fellow feeling, tolerance and enlightened outlook free from all parochial ideas and conservative beliefs, prejudices and superstition. Learners will be made to realize the importance of discipline, punctuality, regularity, perseverance, sincerity and above all honesty. The college will leave no stone unturned to keep up all these massages.